This symposium aims to provide a forum for researchers who are interested in advanced methods of electron microscopy and spectroscopy, including aberrationcorrected electron microscopy, insitu characterization of materials and applications to materials science. As these methods are of fundamental importance in virtually all technological fields, contributions are invited that address a broad spectrum of research, ranging from nanostructures to functional materials and from soft matter to bioscience. Novel methodological developments will be discussed alongside topical areas of research on thin films, bulk materials, surfaces, materials at the nanoscale and at the interface between the physical and life sciences, for understanding structureproperty relationships of materials, as well as for metrology.

Further Details

The symposium is limited to 80 participants including:

36 invited speakers and 4 company presentations.
40 regular participants who will be accepted depending on the time for submitting abstract until the quota of limit is reached. From the submitted abstracts 10 young scientists for short talks and 30 scientists for poster presentation will be selected. They should pay the registration fee for dinners and scientific sessions.
To register and submit your abstract, please visit the conference website (Need to sign in) at:  and send an e-mail to

Registration Rates(on-site) 注册费采用现场收费方式

  • Student Registration—RMB500
  • Meeting Registration—RMB1000


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